Saturday Night  

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by Julius J. Epstein
Based on the play Front Porch in Flatbush
by Julius J. Epstein and Philip G. Epstein

Note: This work was to have been produced in 1955,
but was abandoned when Lemuel Ayers, the producer, died.

1997 Bridewell Production

Previews began December 11, 1997
Opened December 17, 1997 at the Bridewell Theatre, London
Closed on January 24, 1998; Ran for 38 performances
Produced by the Bridewell Theatre Company
Directors: Carol Metcalfe and Clive Paget
Set and Costume Designer: Bridget Kimak
Music Supervisor: Mark Warman
Orchestrator / Music Director: Peter Corrigan
Musical Staging: Tim Flavin
Lighting Designer: Geoff Spain
Production Manager: Pete Bull


Bobby - James Millard
Dino - Maurice Yeoman
Artie - Jeremy David
Ray - Simon Greiff
Celeste - Tracie Bennett
Hank - Mark Haddigan
Gene - Sam Newman
Fantasy Man / Male Vocalist / Clune - Gavin Lee
Fantasy Woman / Miss Fletcher / Florence / Usherette / Dakota Doran / Female Vocalist - Rae Baker
Police Lieutenant / Fantasy Butler - Paul Brereton
Mildred - Ashleigh Sendin
Helen - Anna Francolini

Musical Numbers

Act One

  • "Saturday Night" - Dino, Bobby, Ray and Artie
  • "Class" - Gene and Company
  • "Love's a Bond" - Male Vocalist
  • "Isn't It?" - Helen
  • "In the Movies" - Celeste, Mildred, Usherette, Artie, Ray, Dino and Hank
  • "Exhibit A" - Bobby
  • "A Moment With You" - Male Vocalist, Helen and Gene
  • "Saturday Night" (reprise) - Dino, Ray, Artie and Bobby
  • "So Many People" - Helen, Gene
  • "One Wonderful Day" - Celeste, Bobby, Hank, Dino, Artie, Ray, Mildred, Florence, Gene, Helen

Act Two

  • "Saturday Night" (reprise) - Dino, Ray and Artie
  • "I Remember That" - Hank, Celeste
  • "Love's a Bond" (reprise) - Female Vocalist
  • "All for You" - Helen
  • "It's That Kind of a Neighbourhood" - Dino, Ray, Artie, Mildred, Celeste, Hank
  • "What More Do I Need?" - Helen, Gene and Company
  • "One Wonderful Day" (reprise) - Company


Saturday Night - A Stephen Sondheim World Premiere Cast Recording
Produced by Chris Walker
Engineered by David Hunt, Assisted by Niall Alcott
Orchestrated by Peter Corrigan
Conducted by Mark Warmen
Recorded at Angel Studios, London, Feb. 10 & 11, 1998

  • Compact Disc, 1998 [First Night [UK] CD65] (52:50)
  • Compact Disc, 1998 [RCA Victor [US] 09026-633182-2]

Selections: "Saturday Night", "Class", "Love's A Bond", "Isn't It", "In the Movies", "Exhibit A", "A Moment With You", "Saturday Night (Reprise)", "So Many People", "One Wonderful Day", "Saturday Night (Reprise)", "I Remember That", "All For You", "It's That Kind of a Neighborhood", and "What More Do I Need?"

Saturday Night [OCR]

1999 Pegasus Players Production

US Premiere
Previews began May 14, 1999
Opened May 19, 1999 at the O'Rourke Center for the Performing Arts,
Truman College, Chicago
Closed July 18, 1999
Produced by the Pegasus Players
[Arlene J. Crewdson, Executive Director; John Economos, Managing Director]
Director: Gary Griffin
Orchestrations by Jonathan Tunick
Incidental, Dance, and Vocal Arrangements by Sean Patrick Flahaven
Music Director: Thomas Murray
Choreographer: Marc Robin
Scenic Designer: Jeff Bauer
Lighting Designer: Shannon McKinney
Costume Designer: Shifra Werch
Sound Designer: Steve Mezger
Production Stage Manager: Katie Klemme


Gene Gorman - Ian Brennan
Helen Fogel - Elizabeth Sayre Yeats
Dino - Nico Tricoci
Artie - Christopher LoDuca
Ray - Charles Karvelas
Ted - Patrick Sarb
Bobby / Major Domo / Elevator Boy - Philip Dawkins
Hank / Male Vocalist - Elic Ryan Bramlett
Celeste, Hank's wife - Samantha Fitschen
Mildred - Harriet Nzinga Plumpp
Eugene Gorman (Pinhead) - Bil Tisdale
Florence / Dakota Doran, a nightclub hostess - Susan Kokot
Attendant / Clune / Headwaiter - Derek Hasentrab
Mr. Fletcher / Mr. Fisher - Paul Hofmann

Musical Numbers

Act One

  • "Saturday Night" - The Gang
  • "Class" - Gene, Hank, Artie, Ted, Celeste
  • "Delighted I'm Sure" - Celeste, Mildred, Artie, Dino, Bobby, Ray, Ted
  • "Love's a Bond" - Male Vocalist
  • "Isn't It?" - Helen, Gene
  • "In the Movies" - Ray, Hank, Artie, Dino, Mildred, Celeste
  • "Exhibit A" - Bobby
  • "A Moment With You" - Male Vocalist, Helen, Gene
  • "Saturday Night" (reprise) - The Gang
  • "Montana Chem" - Dino, Ray, Artie, Ted, Hank, Celeste
  • "So Many People" - Helen, Gene
  • "One Wonderful Day" - All

Act Two

  • "Saturday Night" (reprise) - The Gang
  • "I Remember That" - Hank, Celeste
  • "Love's a Bond" (reprise) - Dakota Doran
  • "All for You" - Helen
  • "That Kind of a Neighborhood" - All
  • "What More Do I Need?" - Gene, Helen, Dino, Arite, Ray, Ted, Celeste, Hank, Mildred, Clune, Lieutenant
  • "One Wonderful Day" (reprise) - All

2000 Second Stage Production

Saturday Night [Second Stage Playbill]

New York Premiere
Previews began January 18, 2000 at the Second Stage Theatre, NYC [off-Broadway]
Opened February 17, 2000
Closed March 26, 2000; Ran for 45 performances and 30 previews
Produced by Second Stage Theatre
[Carol Fishman, Managing Director;
Alexander Fraser, Executive Director]
Directed and Choreographed by Kathleen Marshall
Orchestrations by Jonathan Tunick
Musical Direction: Rob Fisher
Sets: Derek McLane
Costumes: Catherine Zuber
Lights: Donald Holder
Sound: Scott Lehrer


Ted - Michael Benjamin Washington
Artie - Kirk McDonald
Ray - Greg Zola
Dino - Joey Sorge
Bobby - Christopher Fitzgerald
Celeste - Andrea Burns
Hank - Clarke Thorell
Gene - David Campbell
Pinhead - Frank Vlastnik
Mildred - Rachel Ulanet
Vocalist - Donald Corren
Plaza Attendant - Michael Pemberton
Helen - Lauren Ward
Mr. Fletcher - Donald Corren
Mr. Fisher - David A. White
Florence - Natascia A. Diaz
Clune - Michael Pemberton
Dakota Doran - Natascia A. Diaz
Waiter - David A. White
Lieutenant - David A. White

Understudies - Lisa Datz, Andy Karl, Kirk McDonald, David A. White

Musical Numbers

Act One

  • Overture - Orchestra
  • "Saturday Night" - Ted, Artie, Ray, Dino
  • "Class" - Gene, Hank, Celeste, Bobby, Artie, Ted, Dino
  • "Delighted I'm Sure" - Celeste, Mildred, Hank, Bobby, Ted, Artie, Ray, Dino
  • "Love's a Bond" - Vocalist
  • "Isn't It?" - Helen
  • "In the Movies" - Ted, Artie, Ray, Dino, Hank, Celeste, Mildred
  • "Exhibit A" - Bobby
  • "A Moment With You" - Vocalist, Gene, Helen
  • "Saturday Night" (reprise) - Ted, Artie, Ray, Dino
  • Gracious Living Fantasy - Gene & The Gang
  • "Montana Chem" - Ted, Artie, Ray, Dino, Hank, Celeste
  • "So Many People" - Helen, Gene
  • "One Wonderful Day" - Celeste, Hank, Bobby, Mildred, Florence, Ted, Artie, Ray, Dino

Act Two

  • Entr'acte - The Orchestra
  • "Saturday Night" (reprise) - Ted, Artie, Ray, Dino
  • "I Remember That" - Hank, Celeste
  • "Love's a Bond" Blues - Dakota Doran
  • "All for You" - Helen
  • "That Kind of a Neighborhood" - Hank, Celeste, Mildred, Florence, Bobby, Ted, Artie, Ray, Dino
  • "What More Do I Need?" - Gene, Helen, Hank, Celeste, Mildred, Florence, Bobby, Ted, Artie, Ray, Dino, Clune, Lieutenant
  • "One Wonderful Day" (reprise) - The Company


Saturday Night - Original New York Cast
Recorded March 28, 2000 at The Hit Factory, NYC
Produced by Tommy Krasker
Recorded and mixed by Joel Moss
Liner notes and synopsis by Jeff Lonoff
Lyrics included

  • Compact Disc, 2000 [Nonesuch Records 79609-2]

Selections: All of the musical numbers in the production, except for the Entr'acte

Saturday Night [New York Cast]

Recordings of Songs

Score [selections]
  • Milwaukee: Hal Leonard 313107, 2000; 120 pp. [includes "Saturday Night", "Class", "Delighted, I'm Sure", "Love's a Bond", "Isn't It?", "In the Movies", "Exhibit A", "A Moment with You", "Montana Chem", "So Many People", "One Wonderful Day", "I Remember That", "All For You", "That Kind of a Neighborhood", "What More Do I Need?"]

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