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The Last of Sheila

A Warner Bros. Presentation
Released in 1973
Produced and Directed by Herbert Ross
Screenplay by Stephen Sondheim and Anthony Perkins
Executive Producer: Stanley O'Toole
Cinematography by Gerry Turpin
Music by Billy Goldenberg
Production Design by Ken Adam
Costume Design by Joel Schumacher
Film Editing by Edward A. Warschilka Jr.


Richard Benjamin (Tom), Dyan Cannon (Christine), James Coburn (Clinton), Joan Hackett (Lee), James Mason (Philip), Ian McShane (Anthony), and Raquel Welch (Alice)

Video Recording

  • VHS, [WCI Home Video 11168] (119 mins.)
  • DVD, 2004 [Warner Home Video]
    (Commentary by actors Richard Benjamin, Dyan Cannon & Raquel Welch)


The Last of Sheila by Alexander Edwards [novelization]

  • New York: Warner Books 76-389, 1973; 173 pp.
  • Cammeray [NSW Australia]: Horwitz [ISBN 0725208171], 1980; 173 pp.


A Production of Ariane Films/Cerita Films/Euro International
Released in December 1974
Directed by Alain Resnais
Screenplay by Jorge Semprun
Director of Photography: Sacha Vierny
Edited by Albert Jurgenson
Original Score by Stephen Sondheim
Orchestrations by Jonathan Tunick


Jean-Paul Belmondo, Anna Duperey, Charles Boyer, Francois Perier, Roberto Bisaco, Claude Rich, Michel Lonsdale, Gig Balista

Musical Numbers

  • Theme from Stavisky
  • Salon at the Claridge #1 [music from Yes, from The Jet-Propelled Couch]
  • Arlette by Day
  • Auto Show [music from Bring on the Girls, cut from Follies]
  • Easy Life
  • Secret of Night
  • Erna
  • Distant Past
  • Arlette by Night
  • Airport at Biarritz
  • Trotsky at Saint-Palais
  • Montalvo at Biarritz
  • Operetta [music from The World is Full of Boys, cut from Follies]
  • Arlette and Stavisky
  • Recent Past
  • Salon at the Claridge #2 [music from Who Could Be Blue?, cut from Follies]
  • Suite at the Claridge
  • Old House
  • Goodbye Arlette
  • Hideout at Chamonix
  • Erna Remembered
  • The Future
  • Women and Death
  • Theme from Stavisky

Complete Recordings

Stavisky - Original Soundtrack Album
Original Score by Stephen Sondheim
Album Produced by Georges Bacri
Orchestra conducted by Carlo Savina and Jacques Mercier
Orchestrations by Jonathan Tunick

  • LP, 1975 [RCA ARL 1-0952] (40 mins.)
  • Compact Disc, 1985 [RCA RCD2-7128] [with Follies in Concert]
  • Compact Disc, 1992 [CAM CSE 094]
  • Compact Disc reissue, 1999 [CAM CSE 094]

Recordings of Individual Selections

Video Recording

  • VHS, 1991 [Interama Video Classics] (117 mins.) [In French with English subtitles]
  • Laserdisc, 19?? [DMNE PILF1289] (121 mins.) [In French with Japanese subtitles]
  • DVD, 2002 [Image 0668] (112 mins.) [In French with English subtitles]


Stavisky by Jorge Semprun [novelization]

  • New York: A Richard Seaver Book/Viking Press
    Viking Compass Book C595 [ISBN 0-670-00595-9], 1975
    [Translated from the French by Sabine Destree]

The Seven-Per-Cent Solution

A Universal Films Release
Released in 1976
Directed by Herbert Ross
Screenplay by Nicholas Meyer
Original Score by John Addison
Song by Stephen Sondheim


Nicol Williamson (Sherlock Holmes), Robert Duvall (Dr. John H. Watson), Alan Arkin (Sigmund Freud), Laurence Olivier (Professor Moriarity), Vanessa Redgrave (Lola Deveraux), Joel Grey (Lowenstein), and Samantha Eggar (Mary Watson)


Video Recordings

  • VHS, 19?? [MCA Universal 55064]
  • Laserdisc, 1987 [MCA Universal 11008]
  • DVD, 1998 [Universal/Image 4269] (113 mins.)


A Paramount Pictures Presentation
Released in December 1981
Produced and Directed by Warren Beatty
Written by Warren Beatty and Trevor Griffiths
Director of Photography: Vittorio Storaro
Original Music by Stephen Sondheim
Additional Music by Dave Grusin


Warren Beatty (John Reed), Diane Keaton (Louise Bryant), Edward Herrmann (Max Eastman), Jerzy Kosinski (Grigory Zinoviev), Jack Nicholson (Eugene O'Neill), Paul Sorvino (Louis Fraina), Maureen Stapleton (Emma Goldman), George Plimpton (Horace Whigham), and Gene Hackman (Pete Van Wherry)


Reds - Original Soundtrack Recording
Recording produced by Phil Ramone
Orchestra conducted by Paul Gemignani

  • LP, 1981 [Columbia BJS 37690]
  • Compact Disc, 1999 [Razor & Tie 82203]

Song by Stephen Sondheim

Video Recording

  • VHS, 1982 [Paramount Home Video 1331]
  • Laserdisc, 1982 [Paramount Home Video LV1331]
  • DVD, 1998 [Paramount Home Video 1331] (200 mins.)
  • DVD, 2006 [Paramount] [Double-disc 25th Anniversary Edition]

Dick Tracy

A Touchstone Pictures Release
Released in 1990
Directed by Warren Beatty
Screenplay by Jim Cash and Jack Epps, Jr.
Cinematography by Vittorio Storaro
Original Score by Danny Elfman
Songs by Stephen Sondheim


Warren Beatty (Dick Tracy), Charlie Korsmo (The Kid), Glenne Headley (Tess Trueheart), Al Pacino (Big Boy Caprice), Madonna (Breathless Mahoney), and Mandy Patinkin (88 Keys)

Musical Numbers

[Only those songs written by Sondheim]

  • Back in Business
  • Live Alone and Like It
  • More
  • Sooner or Later
  • What Can You Lose


  • Academy Award for Best Song [Sooner or Later]


Video Recording

  • VHS, 1991 [Touchstone Home Video 1066]
  • Laserdisc (CAV), 1991 [Touchstone Home Video 1066 CS]
  • Laserdisc (CLV), 1991 [Touchstone Home Video 1066 AS]
  • DVD, 2002 [Walt Disney Home Video 1837203] (105 mins.)

Publications: Sheet Music

  • Sooner or Later
    • Milwaukee WI: H. Leonard Publications HL00490465, 1990; 7 pp.
  • More
    • Milwaukee WI: H. Leonard Publications HL00490466, 1990; 12 pp.
  • What Can You Lose
    • Milwaukee WI: H. Leonard Publications HL00490467, 1990; 5 pp.
  • Back in Business
    • Milwaukee WI: H. Leonard Publications HL00490468, 1990; 9 pp.
  • Live Alone and Like It
    • Milwaukee WI: H. Leonard Publications HL00490469, 1990; 5 pp.
  • The Dick Tracy Songbook
    [includes More, Sooner or Later. amd What Can You Lose]
    • Milwaukee WI: H. Leonard Publications HL00490516, 1990; 64 pp.

Publications: Other

Dick Tracy by Max Allan Collins [novelization]

  • New York: Bantam Books [paperback] [ISBN: 0-553-28528-9], 1990; 261 pp.

The Birdcage

An MGM Films Presentation
Released in 1996
Directed by Mike Nichols
Screenplay by Elaine May, based on the film "La Cage Aux Folles"
Original Score by Mark Mothersbaugh
Songs by Stephen Sondheim


Robin Williams (Armand Goldman), Nathan Lane (Albert Goldman/Starina). Gene Hackman (Senator Kevin Keeley), Dianne Wiest (Louise Keeley), Dan Futterman (Val Goldman), Calista Flockhart (Barbara Keeley), Hank Azaria (Agador), and Christine Baranski (Katherine Archer)

Musical Numbers

[Only the new songs written by Sondheim for the film]

  • It Takes All Kind [not used]
  • Little Dream


  • Can That Boy Foxtrot! (cut from Follies)
    • Nathan Lane
      The Birdcage - Original Film Soundtrack 1996 [Edeltone 2978]
  • It Takes All Kind [written for, but not used in the film]
  • Little Dream
    • Nathan Lane
      The Birdcage - Original Film Soundtrack 1996 [Edeltone 2978]
    • Susan Egan
      Sondheim at the Movies 1997
  • Love is in the Air (cut from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum)
    • Robin Williams and Christine Baranski
      The Birdcage - Original Film Soundtrack 1996 [Edeltone 2978]


Video Recordings

  • VHS, 1996 [MGM/UA Home Video]
  • VHS (widescreen), 19?? [MGM/UA Home Video]
  • Laserdisc, 1996 [MGM/UA Home Video]
  • DVD (widescreen and standard), 1999 [MGM Home Video 906033] (119 mins.)


The Birdcage by Robert Rodi [novelization]

  • New York: Plume/Penguin [paperback] [ISBN: 0-452-27668-3], 1996; 219 pp.

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