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Anyone Can Whistle in Concert

Anyone Can Whistle [1995 Concert program]

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by Arthur Laurents

One performance on April 8, 1995 at Carnegie Hall
An AIDS Benefit Concert for Gay Men's Health Crisis
Produced by Peter Borgo
Staged by Herbert Ross
American Theatre Orchestra
conducted by Paul Gemignani
Musical Direction by Paul Gemignani
Stage Set Design by Heidi Landesman
Costumes Coordinated by Theoni V. Aldredge
Lighting Design by Jules Fisher
Sound Design by Otts Munderloh
Orchestrations by Don Walker
Orchestrations Supervised by Jonathan Tunick
Casting Consultants: Stuart Howard, C.S.A.
and Amy Schecter, C.S.A.

Link to the original production of Anyone Can Whistle


Narrator - Angela Lansbury
Treasurer Cooley - Chip Zien
Chief Magruder - Ken Page
Comptroller Schub - Walter Bobbie
Cora Hoover Hooper - Madeline Kahn
The Boys - Sterling Clark, Harvey Evans, Evan Pappas,
Eric Riley, Tony Stevens
Mrs. Schroeder - Maureen Moore
Fay Apple - Bernadette Peters
J. Bowden Hapgood - Scott Bakula
Dr. Detmold - Nick Wyman
Soprano Soloist - Harolyn Blackwell
Western Union Boy - Sterling Clark
George - David Lowenstein
June - Donna Lee Marshall
John - Harvey Evans
Martin - Francis Ruivivar

Ballet - Sandra Brown, Stacey Caddell, Robert LaFosse,
Lisa Lockwood, Jon Marshall Sharp

Members of the Ensemble - Joan Barber, Mary Bentley-LaMar, Gerry Burkhart, Susan Cella, Nick Corley, Madeleine Doherty, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Joy Franz, Philip Hoffman, Michael Ingram, Betsy Joslyn, Joseph Kolinski, David Lowenstein, Seth Malkin, Donna Lee Marshall, Michael X. Martin, Marin Mazzie, Maureen Moore, Karen Murphy, Bill Nolte, Robert Ousley, Darcy Pulliam, Sam Reni, Eric Riley, Nancy Ringham, Francis Ruivivar, Martin Van Treuren, Whitney Webster, Walter Willison, John Leslie Wolfe

Musical Numbers

  • Overture - Orchestra
  • Me and My Town - Madeline Kahn, Sterling Clark, Harvey Evans, Evan Pappas, Eric Riley, Tony Stevens
  • I'm Like the Bluebird - Ensemble
  • Miracle Song - Madeline Kahn, Maureen Moore, Ensemble
  • Cookie Speech - Bernadette Peters
  • There Won't Be Trumpets - Bernadette Peters
  • Simple (The Interrogation) - Scott Bakula and Ensemble
  • Entr' Acte - Orchestra
  • Hooray for Hapgood [A-1 March] - Ensemble
  • Come Play Wiz Me - Bernadette Peters and Scott Bakula
  • Anyone Can Whistle - Bernadette Peters
  • Hooray for Hapgood [reprise] - Ensemble
  • A Parade in Town - Madeline Kahn
  • Everybody Says Don't - Scott Bakula
  • I've Got You to Lean On - Madeline Kahn and Ensemble
  • See What It Gets You - Bernadette Peters
  • The Cookie Chase - Madeline Kahn and Ensemble
  • There's Always a Woman - Madeline Kahn and Bernadette Peters
  • With So Little to Be Sure Of - Scott Bakula and Bernadette Peters
  • Finale - Company


Anyone Can Whistle: Live at Carnegie Hall
Album produced by Tony McAnany and Joel Moss
Engineered by Joel Moss
Recorded April 8, 1995 at Carnegie Hall, NYC
Liner notes by David Foil
Lyrics included

  • Compact Disc, 1995 [Columbia CK 67224] (76:52 mins.)
  • Cassette, 1995 [Columbia CT 67224]
(1:51), Narrator's Introduction (0:48), Me and My Town (4:46), Miracle Introduction (1:07), Miracle Song (4:30), Fay's Arrival (1:38), Cookie Speech (1:30), There Won't Be Trumpets (3:27), Hapgood's Arrival (1:43), Simple (The Interrogation) (15:32), Entr'acte (1:22), Hooray for Hapgood (0:58), Come Play Wiz Me (3:31), Whistle Introduction (1:07), Anyone Can Whistle (4:02), Hooray for Hapgood Reprise (0:29), A Parade in Town (2:49), Transition - Tear Up Those Records (0:11), Everybody Says Don't (2:17), I've Got You To Lean On (5:13), Transition - See What It Gets You (0:22), See What It Gets You (2:36), Transition - Cookie Arrest (0:23), Cookie Chase (4:31), There's Always A Woman (3:14), Transition - With So Little To Be Sure Of (0:12), With So Little To Be Sure Of (4:58), Finale (1:29)

Anyone Can Whistle [Concert]

The 12th Annual S.T.A.G.E.
Southland Theatre Artists Goodwill Event

S.T.A.G.E. Concert Program

Performed March 8 - 10, 1996 at the UCLA /
James A. Doolittle Theatre, Hollywood CA
Naomi Caryl, David Galligan, Jonathan Kanes,
Michael Kearns, Richard Loring, Harry Prongue
present The 12th Annual S.T.A.G.E.
Benefitting AIDS Service Center
and AIDS Healthcare Foundation
Event Co-Chairs - Naomi Caryl,
Betty Garrett, Michael Kearns
Honorary Co-Chairs - Ross Hunter, Jacque Mapes
Event Coordinator - Steve Balfour

Directed and Staged by David Galligan
Musical Arrangements and Direction by Peter Matz
Choreography by Kay Cole / Lou Wills
Associate Musical Director - Gerald Sternbach
Set Design - Deborah Raymond, Dorian Vernacchio
Costume Design - Byron J. Batista, Zoe Dufour, Ken Takemoto
Hair & Make-up Design - Scott Williams, Kelcey Fry
Lighting Design - Mcihael Gilliam
Sound Design - Jon Gottlieb


Zar Acayan, John Aller, Robert Almodovar, Jamie Anderson, James Matthew Campbell, Brad Carpenter, Jane Carr, Paul Carr, David Cassidy, Patrick Cassidy, Shaun Cassidy, Carole Cook, Tim Curry, Leo Daignault, Loretta Devine, Nancy Dussault, Joely Fisher, Betty Garrett, Joanna Gleason, Ellen Harvey, Bridget Hoffman, David Holladay, Bill Hutton, Alvin Ing, Michael Jeter, Glynis Johns, Susan Johnson, Jean Kauffman, Daniel Kim, Dale Kristien, Wally Kurth, John Lenz, Kevin Loreque, David MacArthur, Marilynn Lovell Matz, Sally Mayes, Linda Michele, George Miserlis, Deborah Nishimura, Brock Peters, Billy Porter, Charlotte Rae, Larry Raben, Roger Rees, Calvin Remsberg, Tia Riebling, Joan Ryan, Alan Safier, Paul Sand, Sab Shimono, Sean Smith, Kirby Tepper, Alec Timerman, The Tonics, Scott Waara, Gedde Watanabe, 'nita whitaker, and Steve Wilde

Musical Numbers

Act One

  • Overture - Orchestra
  • Invocation to the Gods and Instructions to the Audience - Jane Carr and Roger Rees [from The Frogs]
  • + I'm Calm - Paul Sand [from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum]
  • + No One is Alone / Into the Woods Finale - Charlotte Rae [from Into the Woods]
  • No More - Wally Kurth [from Into the Woods]
  • + Take Me to the World - Linda Michele [from Evening Primrose]
  • Someone in a Tree [abridged] - Deborah Nishimura, Sab Shimono and Gedde Watanabe [from Pacific Overtures]
  • Multitudes of Amys - Jamie Anderson [cut from Company]
  • The Ballad of Sweeney Todd - James Matthew Campbell, Leo Daignault, Larry Raben, and George Miserlis [from Sweeney Todd]
  • Everybody Ought to Have a Maid - Michael Jeter [from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum]
  • Loving You - Ellen Harvey [from Passion]
  • Quartet - Bill Hutton, Dale Kristien, Calvin Remsberg, and Brock Peters [from Sweeney Todd]
  • Who's That Woman? - Susan Johnson [from Follies]
  • Not While I'm Around / Children Will Listen - Loretta Devine [from Sweeney Todd / Into the Woods]
  • + Broadway Baby - Betty Garrett and David MacArthur [from Follies]
  • Not a Day Goes By / What Can You Lose - Billy Porter [from Merrily We Roll Along / Dick Tracy]
  • The Ballad of Booth - Patrick Cassidy and Scott Waara [from Assassins]
  • Everybody's Got the Right - John Aller, Paul Carr, Bridget Hoffman, David Holladay, Jean Kauffman, Kevin Loreque, Alan Safier, Sean Smith, and Steve Wilde [from Assassins]

Act Two

+ These numbers were not included in the concert recording below.


Sondheim: A Celebration
Album produced by Denny Diente, David Galligan, and Richard Loring
Executive Producer - Bruce Kimmel
Recorded live at the UCLA / James A. Doolittle Theatre, Hollywood
Engineer - Bob Stone
Liner Notes by David Galligan

  • Double Compact Disc, 1997 [Varèse Sarabande VSD2-5820]

Sondheim: A Celebration

Follies in Concert
1996 London Concert

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by James Goldman

One performance on December 8, 1996 at Theater Royal, Drury Lane, London
Produced by John Langridge
The BBC Orchestra conducted by Ian Sutherland
Broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on February 15, 1997


Sally Durant Plummer - Julia McKenzie
Phyllis Rogers Stone - Donna McKechnie
Benjamin Stone - Denis Quilley
Buddy Plummer - Ron Moody
Young Sally - Shona Lindsay
Young Ben - David Bardsley
Young Phyllis - Lori Haley Fox
Young Buddy - Michael Cahill
Stella Deems - Joan Savage
Hattie Walker - Libby Morris
Carlotta Campion - Angela Richards
Solange LaFitte - Elizabeth Seal
Heidi Schiller - Eileen Page
Young Heidi - Carrie Ellis
Theodore Whitman - Teddy Johnson
Emily Whitman - Pearl Carr
Roscoe - Stephen Hill
Dimitri Weismann - Oscar Quitak
Radio Announcer - Bob Sessions
Chorus - Stephen Hill Singers

Note: This was a concert version of the original Broadway Production of Follies

BAM Salutes Sondheim

One performance on March 20, 1997 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music
Produced for BAM by Manny Kladitis
Devised and Directed by Hugh Woolridge
Conducted by Charles Prince
Choreographed by Mitchell Lichtefeld
Set Design by Bill Stabile
Costumes Coordinated by Richard Schurkamp
Lighting Design by John McLain
Sound Design by Peter Fitzgerald
Projections by Mike DePaolo


Liz Callaway, Len Cariou, Davis Gaines, Kitty Carlisle Hart, Judy Kaye, Julia Migenes, Elaine Stritch

Featuring the Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra and the New York City Gay Men's Chorus

Soloists: Teri Bibb, Nick Corley, John Easterlin, D. Michael Heath, Connie Kunkle, Lauri Landry, Stephanie Lynge, Robert Osborne, Craig Rubano, Wysandria Woolsey

Dancers: Elizabeth Parkinson, Desmond Richardson, and Steve Bourneuff, Douglas Fraser, Tracy Generalovich, Nadine Isenegger, Eric Kauffman, Natalie King, Mia Price, Michael Susko, Jennifer Warner, Gustavo Wons

Musical Soloists: Christina Sunnerstam Prince, violin
Peter Cincotti, piano
Dave Tofani, alto saxophone

Musical Numbers

  • Overture - Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra [world premiere]
  • Comedy Tonight - Soloists [from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum]
  • Kitty Carlisle Hart [introduction]
  • March to the Treary House - Brookyn Philharmonic Orchestra [from Pacific Overtures]
  • Next - Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra [from Pacific Overtures]
  • The Ballad of Sweeney Todd - Len Cariou and Soloists [from Sweeney Todd]
  • Len Cariou [introduction]
  • Night Waltz - Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra [from A Little Night Music]
  • Losing My Mind - Liz Callaway [from Follies]
  • Not While I'm Around - Davis Gaines [from Sweeney Todd]
  • Send in the Clowns - Judy Kaye [from A Little Night Music]
  • Theme from Stavisky - Dancers and Dave Tofani (saxophone) [from Stavisky]
  • Davis Gaines [introduction]
  • Green Finch and Linnet Bird - Julia Migenes [from Sweeney Todd]
  • I Remember - Julia Migenes [from Evening Primrose]
  • More - Liz Callaway and Company [from Dick Tracy]
  • Kitty Carlisle Hart [introduction]
  • A Very Short Violin Sonata - Christina Sunnerstam Prince (violin), Elizabeth Richardson and Desmond Richardson (dancers) [1951, world premiere]
  • Being Alive - Soloists [from Company]
  • Another Hundred People - New York City Gay Men's Chorus [from Company]
  • Sunday - Soloists and New York City Gay Men's Chorus [from Sunday in the Park With George]
  • I Never Do Anything Twice - Judy Kaye [from The Seven Percent Solution]
  • Dmitri Weissman's Welcome - Len Cariou [from Follies]
  • Beautiful Girls - Davis Gaines [from Follies]
  • The Little Things You Do Together - Elaine Stritch, New York City Gay Men's Chorus [from Company]
  • Variations on a Theme: Katie Malone - Peter Cincotti (piano) [1949, world premiere]
  • Finale - Company

Note: The above represents what was actually performed at the concert.  Angela Lansbury was scheduled to host and to perform "A Little Priest" with Len Cariou, as was listed in the program, but she canceled because of illness.  Elaine Stritch is listed solely for "The Little Things You Do Together," but she performed it with the New York City Gay Men's Chorus.

Anyone Can Whistle
Covent Garden Festival Concert

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by Arthur Laurents

One performance on June 1, 1997 at the Savoy Theatre, London
Directed by Michele Hardy
Conducted by Stewart Mackintosh

Link to the original production of Anyone Can Whistle


Narrator - Stephanie Beacham
Cora Hoover Hooper - Jenny Logan
Fay Apple - Linzi Hateley
J. Bowden Hapgood - Simon Green
Ensemble - Students of the Guildford School of Acting

Into the Woods
Tenth Anniversary Concert

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by James Lapine

Two performances on November 9, 1997 at The Broadway Theatre, NYC
Presented by Friends in Deed & God's Love We Deliver
Produced by Andrew Kato and Jenny Wiener, Mosaic Entertainment

Directed by James Lapine
Projections by Wendall K. Harrington
Event Set Design by Mitchel Greenberg
Event Lighting Design by Ted Mather
Additional Lighting Design by Gregory Cohen
Event Sound Design by Andrew Funk
Musical Staging by Lar Lubovitch
Orchestrations by Jonathan Tunick
Event Costumes by Ann Hould-Ward
Original Sound Effects by Alan Stieb and James Brousseau
Musical Direction by Paul Gemignani
Members of The American Theatre Orchestra
Rehearsal Pianist: Paul Ford


Narrator / Mysterious Man - Tom Aldredge
Cinderella - Kim Crosby
Jack - Ben Wright
Baker - Chip Zien
Baker's Wife - Joanna Gleason
Cinderella's Stepmother - Joy Franz
Florinda - Kay McClelland
Lucinda - Lauren Mitchell
Jack's Mother - Barbara Bryne
Little Red Ridinghood - Danielle Ferland
Witch - Bernadette Peters
Cinderella's Father - Edmund Lyndeck
Cinderella's Mother / Grandmother / Giant - Merle Louise
Wolf / Cinderella's Prince - Chuck Wagner
Rapunzel - Pamela Winslow
Rapunzel's Prince - Jonathan Dokuchitz
Steward - Jeff Blumenkrantz
Sleeping Beauty - Maureen Davis

Musical Numbers

[same as the original Broadway production with the addition of Our Little World]

Sondheim Tonight

One performance on May 17, 1998 at the Barbican Centre, London
A benefit for the Alan Jay Lerner Fund for Cancer Research
Concert Devised and Directed by Hugh Woolridge
Featuring the City of London Philharmonic
Conducted by David Firman and Charles Prince
Choreography by Joey McKneely

Commentary by Ned Sherrin, Len Cariou, Julia McKenzie, Dame Edna Everage, David Kernan, Maria Freidman, and Michael Ball


Michael Ball, Len Cariou, Dame Edna Everage, Maria Friedman, Dominic John, David Kernan, Millicent Martin, Julia McKenzie, Julia Migenes, Clive Rowe, Christina Sunnerstam

With Geoffrey Abbott, Teri Bibb, Joanne Farrell, Lori Haley Fox, Antonia Franceschi, D. Michael Heath, Lisa Hull, Connie Kunkle, Joseph Mahowald, Joey McKneely, Simon Masterson-Smith, Nichollas Pound, and the West End Chorus

Musical Numbers

Act One

Act Two

  • A Salute to Stephen Sondheim - City of London Philharmonic [orchestrations by William D. Brohn]
  • Company - Soloists [from Company]
  • Barcelona - Julia McKenzie, David Kernan [from Company]
  • Ned Sherrin [commentary]
  • Good Thing Going / Not a Day Goes By - David Kernan [from Merrily We Roll Along]
  • David Kernan [commentary]
  • I Never Do Anything Twice - Millicent Martin [from The Seven Per Cent Solution]
  • Maria Friedman [commentary]
  • Variations on a Theme (Katie Malone) - Domnic John (piano)
  • Elaine Stritch [commentary via video]
  • Len Cariou [commentary]
  • Beautiful Girls - Michael Ball, Company [from Follies]
  • Michael Ball [commentary]
  • Loving You - Michael Ball [from Passion]
  • Michael Ball [commentary]
  • Broadway Baby - Michael Ball [from Follies]
  • Being Alive - Soloists and the West End Chorus [from Company]
  • Another Hundred People - The West End Chorus [from Company]
  • Sunday - Soloists and the West End Chorus [from Sunday in the Park With George]
  • Ned Sherrin [commentary]
  • Stephen Sondheim [commentary via telephone]
  • Finale - Company [orchestrated by Jonathan Tunick]

Note: Both Stephen Sondheim and Elaine Stritch cancelled their appearances due to illness.  Jonathan Pryce, who also cancelled, was supposed to have sung "Barcelona" with Julia McKenzie.


Sondheim Tonight
Album produced by John Yap
Engineered by Jonathan Allen

  • Double Compact Disc, 1999 [Jay Productions Ltd. CDJAY2 1313] (76:33 + 62:37 mins.)

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Reprise! Concerts

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by Hugh Wheeler
Based on a Version of Sweeney Todd by Christopher Bond

Five performances on March 12-14, 1999 at the Ahmanson Theater, Los Angeles
Presented by Reprise! Broadway's Best in Concert
[Marcia Seligson, producing artistic director; Bryan Burch, managing director]
Directed by Calvin Remsberg
Music Direction by Larry Blank
Choreography by Kay Cole
Sets by David Sackeroff
Lighting by Tom Ruzika
Costumes by David R. Zyla
Sound by Jon Gottlieb and Philip G. Allen
Associate music director, Gerald Sternbach
Assistant music director: Steven Smith
Stage manager: Chari Shanker

Link to the original production of Sweeney Todd


Sweeney Todd - Kelsey Grammer
Mrs. Lovett - Christine Baranksi
Anthony - Davis Gaines
Johanna - Dale Kristien
Beggar Woman - Melissa Manchester
Tobias Ragg - Neil Patrick Harris
Pirelli - Scott Waara
Judge Turpin - Ken Howard
The Beadle - Roland Rusinek

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
London Concerts

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by Hugh Wheeler
Based on a Version of Sweeney Todd by Christopher Bond

Two performances on February 13, 2000 at the Royal Festival Hall, London
Directed by Paul Kerryson
Musical Director: Julian Kelly
Designed by Adrian Rees
Lighting Designed by Jenny Caine
Costume Supervisor: Jackie Holt

Link to the original production of Sweeney Todd


Sweeney Todd - Len Cariou
Mrs. Lovett - Judy Kaye
Anthony Hope - Davis Gaines
Judge Turpin - Mark Roper
Johanna - Annalene Beechey
Tobias - Michael Cantwell
Beggar Woman - Pia Douwes
The Beadle - Neil Jenkins
Pirelli - John Owen Jones

The Ensemble:
Fiona Dunn, Peter Edbrook, Monica Ernesti, Lori Haley Fox, Julia Goss, Mark Inscoe, Robert Jon, Lesley McClymont, Craig Purnell, Michael Winsor

The Choir:
Gordon Adams, Kimberley Akester, Christian Billett, Anna Blake, Bobbie Chatt, Simon Clark, Chris Coleman, Michele de Casenove, Emma Edwards, Howard Ellis, Nicola Filshie, Tim Godwin, Davor Gollub, Aoibjeann Greene, John Griffiths, Angela Henckel, Rhiannon Howys, Robert Irons, Sam Kenyon, Christopher Key, Paul Lyons, Alan Mackenzie, James Marino, Kerris Peeling, Jonathan Penton, Gemma Sandy, Chris Vincent, Lucy Williamson, Philip Wrigley, Sophia Wyler

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
New York Philharmonic Concerts

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by Hugh Wheeler
Based on a Version of Sweeney Todd by Christopher Bond

Sweeney Todd [New York Philharmonic concerts program]

Three performances on May 4 - 6, 2000
at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, NYC
Produced by the New York Philharmonic
[Kurt Masur, Music Director]
Directed by Lonny Price
Conducted by Andrew Litton
Chorus conducted by Grant Gershon
Orchestrations by Jonathan Tunick
Stage designed by James Noone
Lighting designed by Phil Monat
Costumes designed by Gail Brassard
Consulting Producer: Andre Bishop
Executive Producer: Welz Kauffman

Link to the original production of Sweeney Todd


Sweeney Todd - George Hearn
Mrs. Lovett - Patti LuPone
Anthony - Davis Gaines
Johanna - Heidi Grant Murphy
Beggar Woman - Audra McDonald
Tobias Ragg - Neil Patrick Harris
Pirelli - Stanford Olsen
Judge Turpin - Paul Plishka
The Beadle - John Aler

SOPRANOS - Tania Batson, Marion Beckenstein, Mary Sue Berry,
Margery Daley, Patti Dunham, Michele Eaton, Karen Patton Hall,
Melissa Kelley, Kathlene Ritch, Deborah Stephens
ALTOS - Juliana Anderson, Yvonne Anderson, Katherine Benfer,
September Bigelow, Michele Hemmings, Nedra Neal, Georga Osborne,
Rosa Pascarella, Jacqueline Pierce, Sarah Pillow
TENORS - James Bassi, Rodne Brown, John Demler, Daniel Egan, Dale Hensley,
Michael Lockley, Drew Martin, Frank Ream, James Archie Worley
BASSES - Frank Barr, Jason Burke, Roderick Gomez, Michael McCoy,
Steven Moore, Joseph Neal, Charles Sprawls, Mark Sullivan,
Thomas Tousey, Peter Van Derick, Lewis White

This concert version was also performed July 19-21, 2001 at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco, with Rob Fisher conducting the San Francisco Symphony.  It was filmed for television broadcast and subsequently released on home video.  Follow this link for cast and production credits of the San Francisco concert

On August 24, 2001, the concert was performed at the Ravinia Festival in Chicago.  Andrew Litton conducted the Ravinia Festival Orchestra and the same cast with the following changes: Hollis Resnick was the Beggar Woman; Sherrill Milnes was Judge Turpin.


Sweeney Todd
Live at the New York Philharmonic
Recording produced by Tommy Krasker
Co-producer and Recording Engineer: Lawrence L. Rock
Edited by Joel Moss at Sony Music Studios, NYC
Mixed by Lawrence Rock and Joel Moss at The Hit Factory, NYC
Liner notes by Stephen Sondheim, Kurt Masur, James Keller, Lonny Price, and Barbara Haws.  Includes complete libretto of the concert version

  • Double Compact Disc, 2000 [NY Philharmonic Special Editions NYP 2001/2002]

Sweeney Todd: Live at the NY Philharmonic

Library of Congress Concert
for Stephen Sondheim's 70th Birthday

One performance on May 22, 2000 at the Coolidge Auditorium of the Library of Congress, Washington DC
Master of Ceremonies: Nathan Lane
Musical Director: Paul Gemigniani
Stage Director: Kathleen Marshall
Orchestrator: Jonathan Tunick
Choral Preparation: Norman Scribner
Concertmaster: Suzanne Ornstein
Pianist: Paul Ford


Davis Gaines
Nathan Lane
Marin Mazzie
Audra McDonald
Brian Stokes Mitchell
Debra Monk
with Rich Affannato, Steven Brinberg, Will Gartshore

Musical Numbers

Act One

  • The Frogs [concert version]
    • Prologos: Invocation and Instructions to the Audience - Nathan Lane and Brian Stokes Mitchell
    • Traveling Music - Chorus
    • Parados: The Frogs - Chorus with Nathan Lane and Brian Stokes Mitchell
    • Hymnos: Evoe! - Chorus
    • Parabasis: It's Only a Play - Soloists and Chorus
    • Evoe for the Dead - Chorus
    • Invocation to the Muses - Chorus with Nathan Lane
    • Fear No More - Davis Gaines
    • Exodos: The Sound of Poets - Chorus
  • Songs I Wish I'd Written (At Least in Part)
    • Babalele (traditional, arranged by Luciano Gallet) - Audra McDonald
    • Hard Hearted Hannah (Milton Ager, Jack Yellen, Bob Bigelow, and Charles Bates) - Debra Monk
    • Sad Was the Day (Johnny Burke) - Marin Mazzie and Chorus
    • When Did I Fall in Love (Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick) - Audra McDonald
    • The Eagle and Me (Harold Arlen and E. Y. Harburg) - Brian Stokes Mitchell
    • Riddle Song (Adam Guettel) - Rich Affannato and Will Gartshore

Act Two

  • Entr'acte
  • Songs I Wish I'd Written (At Least in Part) (continued)
    • When in Rome (Cy Coleman and Carolyn Leigh) - Steven Brinberg
    • Golden Willow Tree (adaptation by Aaron Copeland) - Davis Gaines
    • You Can't Get a Man With a Gun (Irving Berlin) - Debra Monk
    • New Words (Maury Yeston) - Marin Mazzie
    • Silverware (Harold Karr and Matt Dubey) - Brian Stokes Mitchell and Davis Gaines
    • Better (Edward Kleban) - Debra Monk
    • My Man’s Gone Now (George Gershwin and DuBose Heyward) - Audra McDonald
  • Songs I'm Glad I Wrote

  • Note: Sondheim had suggested Sunday, Finishing the Hat, and Someone in a Tree, the last of which was not performed.

Moving On

A Celebration of the work of Stephen Sondheim
Opened July 19, 2000 at the Bridewell Theatre, London
Closed August 19, 2000; Ran for 32 performances
Produced by the Bridewell Theatre Company
[Theatre Director: Carol Metcalfe;
Artistic Producer: Clive Paget;
Executive Producer: Time Sawers]
Devised and directed by David Kernan
Co-deviser: John Kane
Musical supervision and arrangements: Jason Carr
Choreographer: Warren Carlyle
Design: Peter Docherty
Lighting: Matt Eagland
Musical Director: David Laughnarne


Geoffrey Abbott
Linzi Hateley
Belinda Lang
Robert Meadmore
Angela Richards

Jason Carr: Piano
Steve Rossell: Bass
Paul Kellett: Cello

Musical Numbers

Act One

Act Two

* These selections are not on the cast recording.


Moving On
Recording produced by David Kernan and Jason Carr
Recorded at Winterbrook Studios, London
Executive producer: Barbara Ferris
Engineered and mixed by Andrew Lynwood

  • Compact Disc, 2000 [Goldcrest GF1001CD] [67:58 mins.]

American Premiere Production

Produced by the Laguna Playhouse
Previews began October 30, 2001 at the Moulton Theater, Laguna Beach CA
Opened November 3, 2001; closed December 2, 2001
Directed by David Kernan
Choreographer: Gene Castle
Musical Direction: Diane King Vann
Cast: Teri Ralston, Ann Morrison, David Engel, Christopher Carothers and Tami Tappan

Side By Side By Sondheim
25th Anniversary Concert

Presented on October 15, 2000 at the Laine-Dankworth Centre,Wavenden UK
Hosted by Ned Sherrin
Directed by David Kernan
Musical Director - Stuart Pedlar
Second Piano - David Laugharne


Julia McKenzie
Millicent Martin
David Kernan
Cleo Laine
Kirsty Hoiles
Tracy Wiles
Robert Irons
With Lorna Dallas, Barbara Ferris, Fenella Fielding, Louise Gold,
Robert Meadmore, Angela Richards, Liz Robertson and Sally Ann Triplett

Musical Numbers

Act One

  • Side By Side By Side - Julia McKenzie, Millicent Martin and David Kernan
  • Comedy Tonight - Kirsty Hoiles, Tracy Wiles and Robert Irons
  • If Momma Was Married - Barbara Ferris and Louise Gold
  • Getting Married Today - Tracy Wiles, Robert Irons and Kirsty Hoiles
  • I Remember - Robert Meadmore
  • Can That Boy Foxtrot - Liz Robertson and Louise Gold
  • Company - Kirsty Hoiles, Tracy Wiles and Robert Irons
  • Another Hundred People - Sally Ann Triplett
  • Barcelona - Julia McKenzie and David Kernan
  • Being Alive - Robert Meadmore
  • I Never Do Anything Twice - Millicent Martin
  • Too Many Mornings - Lorna Dallas and Robert Meadmore
  • Beautiful Girls - Robert Meadmore
  • Ah, Paris - Tracy Wiles
  • Buddy's Blues - Robert Irons
  • Broadway Baby - Sally Ann Triplett
  • You Could Drive a Person Crazy - Kirsty Hoiles, Tracy Wiles and Robert Irons

Act Two

  • Everybody Says Don't - Kirsty Hoiles, Tracy Wiles and Robert Irons
  • Anyone Can Whistle - David Kernan
  • Send in the Clowns - Angela Richards
  • We're Gonna Be Alright - Louise Gold and Robert Meadmore
  • A Boy Like That - Angela Richards and Kirsty Hoiles
  • The Boy From - Millicent Martin
  • Pretty Lady - Kirsty Hoiles, Tracy Wiles and Robert Irons
  • Liaisons - Fenella Fielding
  • You Gotta Get a Gimmick - Julia McKenzie, Millicent Martin and David Kernan
  • Losing My Mind - Liz Robertson
  • Could I Leave You - Lorna Dallas
  • I'm Still Here - Cleo Laine
  • Side By Side By Side - Company
  • Link to the original production of Side By Side By Sondheim

Barbara Cook Sings Mostly Sondheim

Created by Barbara Cook and Wally Harper
Based on an idea from the Library of Congress Concert for Stephen Sondheim's 70th Birthday Celebration
Arrangements by Wally Harper
Music Direction: Wally Harper [later Tex Arnold]
Bass: John Beal, [later Jon Burr, then Dave Carpenter]
Piano: Wally Harper [later Tex Arnold]

Tryouts: December 29-31, 2000 at the Geary Theatre, San Francisco

The Carnegie Hall Concert

February 2, 2001 at Carnegie Hall, NYC with guest performer Malcolm Gets
(Recorded for CD release)

The London Concerts

Produced by Bill Kenwright
Opened July 16, 2001 at the Lyric Theatre, London
Closed August 25, 2001

The Broadway Concerts

Produced by Lincoln Center Theater
[André Bishop: Artistic Director; Bernard Gersten: Executive Producer]
Previews began December 30, 2001 at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre of Lincoln Center, NYC
Opened January 14, 2002; Hiatus February 11, 2002
Reopened June 23, 2002; Limited Run to August 25, 2002
Run: 5 previews and 26 performances

The Kennedy Center Sondheim Celebration Concerts

Produced by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
Ran June 5-16 and August 14-18, 2002 at the Terrace Theater of the Kennedy Center, Washington DC

Other Notable Performances

October 9-14, 2001 at the Shubert Theatre, New Haven
March 3-4, 2002 at the Adelaide Festival, Australia
October 1-6, 2002 at the Merriam Theatre, Philadelphia
October 11, 2002 at the Pepsico Theatre, SUNY, Purchase NY (Recorded for DVD release)
October 19, 2002 at Benaroya Hall, Seattle
November 2 at the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts, Brooklyn NY [BC'sB]
November 7 at the McCarter Theatre, Princeton NJ
November 9, 2002 at the Folly Theatre, Kansas City
November 17, 2002 at Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis [BC'sB]
November 23-30, 2002 at the Curran Theatre, San Francisco
December 31, 2002 at the State Theatre, New Brunswick NJ
January 31, 2003 at the Tilles Center, Long Island University, New York
February 14-15, 2003 at the Byham Theatre, Pittsburgh
February 28 - March 9, 2003 at the Ahmanson Theatre, Los Angeles
March 21, 2003 at the Flynn Center, Burlington VT
October 10, 2003 at Rhode Island College, Providence
November 1, 2003 at the Ferst Center, Georgia Tech, Atlanta
November 22, 2003 at Carnegie Hall, NYC

Musical Numbers

  • Everybody Says Don't [from Anyone Can Whistle]
  • Buds Won’t Bud (Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg)
  • I Wonder What Became of Me? (Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer)
  • The Eagle and Me (Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg)
  • I Had Myself a True Love (Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer)
  • Another Hundred People [from Company]
  • So Many People [from Saturday Night]
  • In Buddy's Eyes [from Follies]
  • I Got Lost in His Arms (Irving Berlin)
  • You Can't Get a Man With a Gun (Irving Berlin)
  • Hard Hearted Hannah (Jack Yellin, Milton Ager, Bob Bigelow & Charles Bates)
  • Waiting For the Robert E. Lee (Lewis F. Muir and L. Wolfe Gilbert)
  • San Francisco (Walter Jurmann & Bronislau Kaper and Gus Kahn)
  • When In Rome (Cy Coleman and Carolyn Leigh)
  • Happiness [from Passion]
  • Loving You [from Passion]
  • You Could Drive a Person Crazy [from Company]
  • Send in the Clowns [from A Little Night Music]
  • Ice Cream (Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick)
  • Not a Day Goes By [from Merrily We Roll Along]
  • Losing My Mind [from Follies]
  • The Trolley Song (Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane)
  • Anyone Can Whistle [from Anyone Can Whistle]


Barbara Cook Sings Mostly Sondheim: Live at Carnegie Hall
Barbara Cook with Malcolm Gets
Wally Harper, Piano
John Beal, Bass
Produced by Hugh Fordin
Recorded by Cynthia Daniels
Arrangments and Musical Direction by Wally Harper
Recorded live at Carnegie Hall on February 2, 2001

  • Double Compact Disc, 2001 [DRG 91464]

Note: Musical numbers for this concert differed from the subsequent productions

Video Recording

Barbara Cook in Mostly Sondheim: Live in Concert
Produced and directed by Jim Brown
Executive Producer: Hugh Fordin
Music Arranged and Conducted by Wally Harper
Recorded at the Pepsico Theatre, SUNY Purchase NY on October 11, 2002

  • VHS, 2003 [DRG/Koch Vision]
  • DVD, 2003 [DRG/Koch Vision DV-1800]

DVD includes bonus footage of a Barbara Cook master class recorded at the Kennedy Center, Washington DC on August 13, 2002

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