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October 18, 1999

Uploaded a cleaned-up Links Page with many new links. It now includes information on Secondary Performance Rights.

October 16, 1999

One large change and quite a number of small additions.  The page for A Little Night Music has been split into two parts: the Productions page and a Recordings page.  I have also added links to the Newspaper Articles that are downloadable from the New York Times website.  You must register at their website and accept cookies.  I am also more than half-way (alphabetically) through updating the "Recordings of Songs" list for each show to include both cast and non-cast recordings.  To see what this entails, compare the Songs list for Merrily We Roll Along (updated) to the one for Sweeney Todd (not updated).  Also uploaded more graphics of Playbills and album covers, and for those who check out this page here's a treat: the photograph used in Sondheim's ad for American Express.

May 2, 1999

Uploaded info on the Pegasus Players production of Saturday Night (courtesy of Howard Horowitz), the LA concerts of Sweeney Todd, the new Varese Sarabande compilation (A Sondheim Collection, another in a growing list of unimaginatively titled albums), the Sondheim/Hammerstein album by Anne Kerry Ford (courtesy of Randy Detwiler), and various new cover recordings.

March 14, 1999

The Current Productions page has been removed from the site (and hopefully, all of the referring links).  I have added a new page that acts as an index to all of the Recordings found throughout the site.  This is as close to a one-page Sondheim discography one can get.  The site index (graphic at the top of each page) has been altered to reflect these changes.  Also uploaded a great deal more graphics of playbills, posters, album covers, etc.  This may slow down load time for some visitors, but as more people get faster Internet connections, this problem will lessen.  Please let me know if you find any broken links or unloaded graphics.

January 2, 1999

I am in the process of removing the Current Productions page from the website.  Since the Sondheim Review includes the same list on their new website, I deemed the duplication unnecessary.  Also added more graphics of Playbills and album covers.

November 12, 1998

A big day for changes.  (What can I say?  I had the day off!)

Uploaded information on the following new recordings:
Follies [Paper Mill Cast Recording]
Celebrating Sondheim [BBC]
Celebrating Gypsy [BBC Jule Styne tribute]
Hey Mr. Producer [Cameron Mackintosh tribute]
Thanks to Randy Detwiler on the latter three.

In adding the new Follies recording I came to the conclusion that I needed to split up the Follies page, one for Productions and another for Recordings.  It may be that I'll have to do the same for some of the more larger pages (just as I'd previously done for West Side Story).

I also concluded that each of the revues should have a page of its own.  So here are the links to the three new separate pages:
Side By Side By Sondheim
Marry Me A Little
Putting It Together
Of course, I had to correct all of the links on the site to now lead back to these new pages.   Boy, did I step into it!  If there's anyone who went to see the Los Angeles production of Putting It Together, I'd appreciate info to add to that page.

I've also added a large amount of new graphics, including Playbills for many productions.  In the past I tried to limit the amount of graphics with concerns about page load-speed.  With most people now connecting at 26.4 and greater, I feel these graphics enhance the page without slowing down the loading time.  Please take note that most of these graphics are thumbnails, and that larger reproductions can be viewed with a click of the mouse.

The more observant visitors will notice that on a few shows I've started to add the individual songs of the original cast recordings on the listings for Recordings of Songs (see the Follies list for example).  I will be doing the same to all shows in the coming months.

November 4, 1998

Updated the Current Productions listing

October 5, 1998

Updated the Current Productions listing and uploaded a graphic of the front cover of the Dodd Mead publication of Pacific Overtures courtesy of Jay Hass.  Great cover.  Check it out.

September 8, 1998

Updated the Current Productions listing

August 9, 1998

Uploaded a revised Song List, with corrections provided by Mr. Sondheim.  Also added new recordings of Saturday Night (Bridewell Cast), Follies (The Trotter Trio), and several new West Side Story recordings from information provided by Randy Detwiler.  Updated the Current Productions listing

July 1, 1998

Updated the Current Productions listing

June 30, 1998

Uploaded credits for the following productions:
1959 National Touring Company of West Side Story
1960 Broadway Return Engagement of West Side Story
1964 National Touring Company of A Funny Thing Happened...
1977 Chicago Production of Side By Side By Sondheim
1978 Equity Library Production of Company
1978 National Touring Company of Side By Side By Sondheim
1980 York Players Production of Anyone Can Whistle
1984 York Theatre Company Production of Pacific Overtures
1987 York Theatre Company Production of Marry Me A Little
1987 National Touring Company of A Funny Thing Happened...
1987 York Theatre Company Production of Company

June 23, 1998

I have placed The Stephen Sondheim Reference Guide into a subdirectory of my GeoCities homestead. If you registered for e-mail notification of changes on the old front page, you must re-register from the new address, and un-register from the old page.  I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but this move was necessary in order for me to better maintain the more than 50 pages, more than 300 images, and almost seven megabytes of memory that currently make up this web site, not to mention the 150 pages, 200 images and four megabytes of The Virtual Cole Porter.

June 14, 1998

Uploaded credits for the following productions:
Cast Replacements for the Broadway Production of Company
1971 National Touring Production of Company
1972 Los Angeles Production of Follies
1974 National Touring Production of A Little Night Music
1975 Equity Library Production of Do I Hear a Waltz?
1976 Equity Library Production of Follies

May 31, 1998

Updated the Current Productions listing, and uploaded info on the Paper Mill Playhouse production of Follies, including a graphic of the original poster art.

May 20, 1998

Added a form on the Front Page for visitors to register for an e-mail message when this site changes.

May 19, 1998

Uploaded graphics of the original poster art for most of Sondheim's Broadway productions.  They can be seen on the individual show's production credits page.  For convenience, they can also be downloaded from the following links:

Gypsy / Company / Follies / A Little Night Music / Pacific Overtures / Side By Side By Sondheim / Sweeney Todd / Merrily We Roll Along / Sunday in the Park With George / Into the Woods

For only those lucky few who check this page regularly, you can download the photograph (118K) of Gloria Swanson (Eliot Elisofon, Life magazine, 1960) which was the inspiration for Follies.  Now aren't you glad you came to this page?

April 9, 1998

Updated the Current Productions listing

March 27, 1998

Added a link from the Front Page to my new website devoted to the premier songwriter of the first half of this century - The Virtual Cole Porter

March 7, 1998

Added Sondheim's photograph to the Front Page.  Created a navigational map (see above) using the SSRG logo and placed it at the top of each page.  This map should make it easier to negotiate the various sections of the Guide.

March 4, 1998

Updated the Current Productions listing

March 1, 1998

Split the West Side Story Recordings page into two pages: Cast Recordings and Other Recordings.  Uploaded a great photograph of Sondheim on the set of Sunday in the Park with George.  I'm not sure where to put it on the website, but you can download it and save it as your desktop background.
Also uploaded a photograph of the Martin Beck Theatre during the run of Into the Woods.  Check it out!

February 28, 1998

Removed the Acknowledgments from the Front Page and gave it a page of its own.  Changed the head graphic of some show pages.  Added the poster for the 1984 New York revival of Pacific Overtures.  Added the graphic for the 1985 Follies concert.  Added cover reproductions of the Catalan recording of Sweeney Todd and the Royal National Theatre recording of A Little Night Music.

February 10, 1998

Added further information for the West Side Story recordings page.

February 1, 1998

Updated the Current Productions listing

January 25, 1998

I'm learning how to create image maps with the first results now uploaded to the site.  Instead of having one graphic for each link, the maps include several links on one graphic which loads faster.  For an example see the Shows map.

January 7, 1998

Updated the Current Productions listing

December 30, 1997

Created a new page for Saturday Night, added information for the Bridewell production [courtesy of Paul Salsini], and made changes throughout the site to link back to this new page (including the Table of Contents page).  Also created graphics for the pages of Evening Primrose and The Frogs, and added these to the Table of Contents as individual shows (as well as Candide).  Also made some slight changes on the Table of Contents.

December 10, 1997

Added the information on the Tenth Anniversary Concert of Into the Woods [courtesy of Mrs. Mary Ford (Paul's mother)]

December 9, 1997

Updated the Current Productions listing

November 10, 1997

Uploaded a revised and more detailed page for Candide.  (Yes, Sondheim's contributions to this show are miniscule, but I felt that this show needs to be represented as thorough as possible for its fans.)

November 7, 1997

The Other Works page's growing size has forced me to split it in half.  Also updated the Current Productions listing

November 4, 1997

The Stephen Sondheim Reference Guide was favorably reviewed by Suite 101, a website that provides reviews of websites of various interests.  Check out <"http://www.suite101.com/articles/article.cfm/4002">the review now (but come back later!)

November 2, 1997

A new logo for the SSRG has been uploaded with matching section headers.   I know I promised not to make any more graphical changes (see August 31).  So sue me.

November 1, 1997

The guestbook and survey have been removed from the site.

October 13, 1997

Its size has forced me to split the West Side Story page into two parts: a production page and a recording page. 

October 5, 1997

Joined the GeoPlus program which doubled the SSRG webspace to 10 megabytes.  Added the GeoGuide to each page of the site in order to help offset the monthly fees of GeoPlus.

October 4, 1997

Updated the latest results of the Sondheim Survey.

October 1, 1997

Updated the Current Productions listing

September 14, 1997

Updated the Links page with several new links

September 13, 1997

Added the new recording by Terry Trotter of A Little Night Music; added information for the Long Beach Civic Light Opera production of Sunday in the Park With George

September 4, 1997

Updated the Current Productions listing

September 2, 1997

Added the new recording of Sondheim at the Movies (from pre-release information).

August 31, 1997

Completed uploading the new look SSRG.  I promise (and hope) that this will be the last graphical change.  Also updated the West Side Story page to include all the information provided by Randy Detwiler on various recordings of WSS.

August 27, 1997

Redesigned the front page (no longer just a "splash" page) to include links to various pages in the site.  Also in progress (with some pages already changed) is the conversion to the new SSRG logo (see above), which looks better if you have the Impact Font (if not, you can download it from the Microsoft website at no charge.)

August 20, 1997

The Songs list (almost 100K) has been split into five pages to make download faster.  This alphabetical index at the top of each page can link you to any one of the other pages.  Also updated the Sondheim People page.

August 13, 1997

Added the new recording of Sondheim: A Celebration [S.T.A.G.E] to the Special Events page, with a linking icon from the Table of Contents

August 9, 1997

Updated the latest results of the Sondheim Survey.

August 7, 1997

Uploaded the re-designed Stephen Sondheim Reference Guide.  All pages throughout the site have a more consistent design.

August 1, 1997

Established a link from the main page to the new Songs page.  Also updated the Current Productions page.

July 27, 1997

Uploaded the revised Selected Bibliography with many additions supplied by Randy Detwiler.

July 21, 1997

Added the Wise Guys icon to the show listing for no other reason than to tantalize :)

July 20, 1997

Uploaded interim results of The Sondheim Survey, and added a What's New page (don't click, you're already here!) to make frequent visitors aware of the changes.

July 19, 1997

The Sondheim People page has been added.  It has brief bios of people that Sondheim has collaborated with over the years.  Some performers are also included.  There are links to this page from the person's credits throughout the Guide.

July 18, 1997

Added the GeoGuide to the top of the front page.

July 8, 1997

An alphabetical list of Sondheim's Songs has been uploaded to the site.  It is a work-in-progress, so it has not been linked to the site yet.  Only you curious few who come to this page can go to it now.

July 5, 1997

The Sondheim Review has provided me with a list of Current Productions of Sondheim shows.  These will be updated about once a month.

June 21, 1997

The Sondheim Survey and Guestbook has been added to the Guide.  You can also read the Guestbook.

June 6, 1997

I have learned how to create thumbnails of the many graphics on these pages.  This will help make the pages load faster.  In most cases, you can download the full-size graphics by just clicking on the thumbnails.

June 5, 1997

Because of its many graphics, the Chronology page is very slow-loading.  I have added a non-graphics version, but made the graphics version still available for download.

June 3, 1997

A page for Publications about Sondheim and his work has been added.

June 1, 1997

A new Introductory Page has been created using icons for each of the Sondheim shows.  This will become the second page of the site. The more detailed Table of Contents will remain available.

May 28, 1997

Sondheim: A Chronology has been added to the website.

May 27, 1997

A counter has been added to the front page of the website.

May 21, 1997

A Links page has been added.

May 11, 1997

The addition of graphics to the Collections page has made it too large and slow-loading.  It has been split into two pages.  The first part (artists up through Patinkin) and the second part (Peters through various artists collections).

May 4, 1997

The reprint compilations have been removed from the Collections page and now has a page of it's own.

April 14, 1997

The SSRG has been chosen as a Featured Page on the GeoCities website. Webspace has been increased to five megs.

April 8, 1997

The Collections page is added to the site. Also added the Personal Note page.

April 6, 1997

Graphics have been added as follows: a title banner for each show on its individual page and covers of the recordings.

March 23, 1997

The first pages have been uploaded to the GeoCities website. They include a Table of Contents page, and individual pages for each of the Sondheim shows.

March 11, 1997

Signed up with GeoCities, and chose Broadway/9432 as my homestead.

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