Sunday in the Park With George  

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by James Lapine

1983 Workshop

Opened July 6, 1983 at the Playwrights Horizons
Closed July 31, 1983; Ran for 25 performances
Presented by Playwrights Horizons
[Andre Bishop, Artistic Director; Paul Daniels, Managing Director]
in association with The Herrick Theatre Foundation
Directed by James Lapine
Musical Director: Paul Gemignani
Production Stage Manager: Frederic H. Orner
Musical Theatre Program Director: Ira Weitzman
Sound by Scott Lehrer
Lighting by Richard Nelson
Costume Design by Patricia Zipprodt and Ann Hould-Ward
Set Design by Tony Straiges


Act One
George - Mandy Patinkin
Dot - Bernadette Peters
Old Lady - Carmen Matthews
Her Nurse - Judith Moore
Franz - Brent Spiner
Boy in the Water - Bradley Kane
Young Man on the Bank - Kelsey Grammer
Pervert - William Parry
Louise - Danielle Ferland
Jules - Ralph Byers
Clarisse - Christine Baranski
Boatman - William Parry
Louis - Kevin Marcum
Celeste #1 - Melanie Vaughan
Celeste #2 - Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Bette - Nancy Opel
Soldier - Kelsey Grammer
Mr. - Kurt Knudson
Mrs. - Judith Moore

Act Two
George - Mandy Patinkin
Jed - Brent Spiner
Dee - Nancy Opel
Alex - Kelsey Grammar
Annette - Bernadette Peters
Naomi - Melanie Vaughan
Robert Blackmun - Kurt Knudson
Billie Cherkin - Carmen Matthews
Harriet Pawling - Judith Moore
Waiter - Ross Wassermann
Charles Green - William Parry
Alan Cash - Kevin Marcum
Linda Cash - Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Blair Daniels - Christine Baranski
Waitress - Johnna Murray

Musical Numbers

Act One

  • "Sunday in the Park With George" - Dot
  • "Yoo-Hoo!" - Boy, Young Man, Pervert
  • "No Life" - Jules, Clarisse
  • "Color and Light" - Dot, George
  • "Gossip" - Celeste #1, Celeste #2, Boatman, Nurse, Old Lady, Jules, Clarisse
  • "The Day Off" - George, Spot, Fifi, Nurse, Franz, Bette, Boatman, Soldier, Clarisse, Louise, Celeste #1, Celeste #2
  • "Everybody Loves Louis" - Dot
  • "Soldiers and Girls" - Soldier, Celeste #1, Celeste #2
  • "Finishing the Hat" - George
  • "Beautiful" - Old Lady, George
  • "Sunday" - Company

Act Two

  • "It's Hot Up Here" Dot, Clarisse, Louise, Franz, Nurse, Celeste #1, Celeste #2, Bette, Jules, Soldier, Old Lady, Boatman
  • Performance Art Piece - George, Jed, Dee, Alex, Annette, Naomi
  • "Have to Keep Them Humming" - Harriet, Billie, Blackmon, Green, Naomi, Alex, Jed, Linda, Alan, George
  • "Sunday" (reprise) - Company

Note: Act Two was presented only in the last three performances of this production

1984 Broadway Production

Previews began April 2, 1984 at the Booth Theatre, NYC
Ran for 35 preview performances

Sunday in the Park [poster]

Opened May 2, 1984 at the Booth Theatre
Closed October 13, 1985
Ran for 604 performances
Produced by the Shubert Organization
and Emanuel Azenberg
by arrangement with Playwrights Horizons
Directed by James Lapine
Scenery by Tony Straiges
Costumes by Patricia Zipprodt and Ann Hould-Ward
Lighting by Richard Nelson
Special Effects by Bran Ferren
Sound by Tom Morse
Hair and Makeup by Lo Presto/Allen
Movement by Randolyn Zinn
Music Published by Tommy Valando
Musical Direction by Paul Gemignani
Orchestrations by Michael Starobin


Act One
George - Mandy Patinkin
Dot - Bernadette Peters
An Old Lady - Barbara Bryne
Her Nurse - Judith Moore
Franz - Brent Spiner
A Boy - Danielle Ferland
A Young Man Sitting on the Bank - Nancy Opel
A Man Lying on the Bank - Cris Groenendaal
Jules - Charles Kimbrough
Yvonne - Dana Ivey
A Boatman - William Parry
Celeste #1 - Melanie Vaughan
Celeste #2 - Mary D'Arcy
Louise - Danielle Ferland
Frieda - Nancy Opel
Louis - Cris Groenendaal
A Soldier - Robert Westenberg
A Man With Bicycle - John Jellison
A Little Girl - Michele Rigan
A Woman With Baby Carriage - Sue Anne Gershenson
Mr. - Kurt Knudson
Mrs. - Judith Moore

Act Two
George - Mandy Patinkin
Marie - Bernadette Peters
Dennis - Brent Spiner
Bob Greenberg - Charles Kimbrough
Naomi Eisen - Dana Ivey
Harriet Pawling - Judith Moore
Billy Webster - Cris Groenendaal
A Photographer - Sue Anne Gershenson
A Museum Assistant - John Jellison
Charles Redmond - William Parry
Alex - Robert Westenberg
Betty - Nancy Opel
Lee Randolph - Kurt Knudson
Blair Daniels - Barbara Bryne
A Waitress - Melanie Vaughan
Elaine - Mary D'Arcy

Musical Numbers

Act One

  • "Sunday in the Park with George" - Dot
  • "No Life" - Jules, Yvonne
  • "Color and Light" - Dot, George
  • "Gossip" - Celeste #1, Celeste #2, Boatman, Nurse, Old Lady, Jules, Yvonne
  • "The Day Off" - George, Nurse, Franz, Frieda, Boatman, Soldier, Celeste #1, Celeste #2, Yvonne, Louise, Jules, Louis
  • "Everybody Loves Louis" - Dot
  • "Finishing the Hat" - George
  • "We Do Not Belong Together" - Dot, George
  • "Beautiful" - Old Lady, George
  • "Sunday" - Company

Act Two

  • "It's Hot Up Here" - Company
  • Chromolume #7 - George, Marie
  • "Putting It Together" - George, Company
  • "Children and Art" - Marie
  • "Lesson #8" - George
  • "Move On" - George, Dot
  • "Sunday" (reprise) - Company

Cast Replacements

  • Georges/George - Mandy Patinkin [replaced by Robert Westenberg, then Harry Groener, then Mandy Patinkin returned]
  • Dot/Marie - Bernadette Peters [replaced by Betsy Joslyn, then Maryann Plunkett]
  • Franz/Dennis - Brent Spiner [replaced by Richard Russell Ramos, then Bruce Adler]
  • Louise/A Boy - Danielle Ferland [replaced by Michele Rigan, then Natalie Polizzi, then Sherri Lynn Leidy]
  • Frieda/Betty - Nancy Opel [replaced by Sue Ann Gershenson, after which Nancy Opel returned]
  • Louis/A Man Lying on the Bank/Billy Webster - Cris Groenendaal [replaced by Jeff Keller, then T. J. Myers]
  • Jules/Bob Greenberg - Charles Kimbrough [replaced by John Cunningham]
  • Yvonne/Naomi Eisen - Dana Ivey [replaced by Margaret Hall, then by Pamela Burrell]
  • A Soldier/Alex - Robert Westenberg [replaced by Cris Groenendaal, then Howard McGillin, then Jeff Keller]
  • Mr./Lee Randolph - Kurt Knudson [replaced by Frank Kopyc, then by Ray Gill]
  • Celeste #2 - Mary D'Arcy [replaced by Betsy Joslyn]
  • Elaine - Mary D'Arcy [replaced by Melanie Vaughan]
  • A Waitress - Melanie Vaughan [replaced by Betsy Joslyn]

Tony Awards

  • Best Scenic Design (Tony Straiges)
  • Best Lighting Design (Richard Nelson)

Drama Desk Awards

Other Awards

  • 1985 Pulitzer Prize for Drama
  • New York Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Musical
  • Outer Critics Circle Award for Best Musical
  • Outer Critics Circle Award for Best Scenery (Tony Straiges)


Sunday in the Park with George - Original Cast Recording
Produced by Thomas Z. Shepard
Engineers: Paul Goodman and Anthony Salvatore
Digitally recorded May 27 and 29, 1984
at RCA's Studio A, New York City
Liner notes and synopsis by Robert Kimball
Lyrics included

  • LP, 1984 [RCA HBC1-5042] [69 mins.]
  • Cassette, 1984 [RCA HBE1-5042]
  • Compact Disc, 1984 [RCA RCD1-5042] [69:14 mins.]

Grammy Award winner for Best Original Cast Show Album

Sunday in the Park With George

1986 Television Version

Taped October 21-25, 1985 at the Booth Theatre shortly after the close of the Broadway production. Presented on February 18, 1986 on Showtime's "Broadway on Showtime" and on June 16, 1986 on PBS's "American Playhouse"

Same credits as the Broadway Production, plus
Executive Producers: Michael Brandman and Emanuel Azenberg
in association with the Shubert Organization and American Playhouse
Produced by Iris Merlis
Directed by Terry Hughes
Executive in Charge of Production: Greg Sills
Lighting Consultant: Bill Klages
Musical Director and Conductor: Paul Gemignani


George - Mandy Patinkin
Dot / Marie - Bernadette Peters
Jules / Bob Greenberg - Charles Kimbrough
Old Lady / Blair Daniels - Barbara Bryne
Yvonne / Naomi Eisen - Dana Ivey
Celeste #2 / Elaine - Mary D'Arcy
Woman / Photographer - Sue Anne Gershenson
Louis / Billy Webster - Cris Groenendaal
Man / Party Guest - John Jellison
Mr. / Publicist - Frank Kopyc
Nurse / Mrs. / Harriet Pawling - Judith Moore
Frieda / Betty - Nancy Opel
Boatman / Charles Redmond - William Parry
Louise - Natalie Polizzi
Girl - Michele Rigan
Franz / Dennis - Brent Spiner
Celeste #1 / Waitress - Melanie Vaughan
Soldier / Alex - Robert Westenberg

Video Recording

  • Videotape [VHS], 1986 [Karl-Lorimar Home Video VHS 370] [147 mins.]
  • Laserdisc, 1987 [Image ID5151]
  • DVD, 1999 [Image] (includes audio commentary from Stephen Sondheim, James Lapine, Mandy Patinkin, and Bernadette Peters)

Sunday in the Park With George [DVD]

1986 Long Beach Civic Light Opera Production

Opened October 16, 1986 at the Terrace Theatre of the Long Beach Convention Center
Closed November 2, 1986; Ran for 16 performances
Presented by the Long Beach Civic Light Opera (Martin Wiviott, Producer)
Directed by Fran Soeder
Musical Director: Steven Smith
Technical Director: Gerard E. Griffen
Production Stage Manager: Eric Insko
Scenery: Tony Straiges
Lighting: Paulie Jenkins
Costumes: Patricia Zipprodt and Ann Hould-Ward
Sound: William A. Hennigh
Chromolume: Kirk Thatcher
Special Laser Performance: Laser Media, Inc.
Hair and Makeup: Rick Geyer


Act One
George, An Artist - Robert Yacko
Dot, His Mistress - Pamela Myers
An Old Lady - Marilyn Child
Her Nurse - Carol Swarbrick
Franz, A Servant - Carl Packard
A Boy Bathing In The River - Kimberly Ann Morris
A Young Man Sitting On The Bank - Roberta B. Wall
A Man Lying On The Bank - John Racca
Jules, Another Artis - Michael G. Hawkins
Yvonne, His Wife - Kathryn Skatula
A Boatman - William Malone
Celeste #1 - Rebecca Eichenberger
Celeste #2 - Ann Winkowski
Louise, The Daughter Of Jules And Yvonne - Kimberly Ann Morris
Freda, A Cook - Roberta B. Wall
Louis, A Baker - John Racca
A Soldier - James Whitson
A Man With A Bicycle - Todd Nielsen
A Woman With A Baby Carriage - Deborah Haworth
Mr. - Lyle Kanouse
Mrs. - Carol Swarbrick

Act Two
George, An Artist - Robert Yacko
Marie, His Grandmother - Pamela Myers
Dennis, A Technician - Carl Packard
Bob Greenberg, A Museum Director - Michael G. Hawkins
Naomi Eisen, A Composer - Kathryn Skatula
Harriet Prawling, A Patron Of The Arts - Carol Swarbrick
Billy Webster, Her Friend - John Racca
A Photographer - Deborah Haworth
A Museum Assistant - Todd Nielsen
Charles Redmond, A Visiting Curator - William Malone
Alex, An Artist - James Whitson
Betty, An Artist - Roberta B. Wall
Lee Randolph, The Museum's Publicist - Lyle Kanouse
Blair Daniels, An Art Critic - Marilyn Child
A Waitress - Ann Winkowski
Elaine - Rebecca Eichenberger

Musical Numbers

Same as the Broadway Production

1990 London Production

Sunday in the Park With George [London Production Program]

Previews began March 3, 1990 at the Lyttelton Theatre of the Royal National Theatre, London
Opened March 15, 1990
Closed June 16, 1990; Ran for 117 performances
Presented by the Royal National Theatre
Directed by Steven Pimlott
Designed by Tom Cairns
Lighting by Wolfgang Gobbel
Orchestrations by Michael Starobin
Musical Direction by Jeremy Sams
Choreography by Aletta Collins
Chromolume #7 by Martin Duncan
Sound design by Mike Clayton and Paul Groothius
Conductor: John Jansson


Act One
George - Philip Quast
Dot - Maria Friedman
An Old Lady - Sheila Ballantine
Her Nurse - Nuala Willis
Franz - Michael O'Connor
Boy Bather - Keir Charles or Samuel Woodward Small
Boy Bathers - Christopher Line, Marc Bellamy or
Marco Williamson, James Nyman
Jules - Gary Raymond
Yvonne - Nyree Dawn Porter
A Boatman - Michael Atwell
Celeste #1 - Megan Kelly
Celeste #2 - Clare Burt
Louis - Aneirin Huws
A Soldier - Nicolas Colicos
Louise - Naomi Kerbel or Ann Gosling
Frieda - Di Botcher
Man Playing the Horn - Barry Atkinson
Dancing Girl - Antonio Boyd or Emily Sault
Woman Looking for a Glove - Ellen van Schuylenburch
Mr. - Matt Zimmerman
Mrs. - Vivienne Martin

Act Two
George - Philip Quast
Marie - Maria Friedman
Dennis - Michael O'Connor
Bob Greenberg - Gary Raymond
Naomi Eisen - Nyree Dawn Porter
Harriet Pawling - Nuala Willis
Billie Webster - Vivienne Martin
Charles Redmond - Matt Zimmerman
Alex - Nicolas Colicos
Betty - Clare Burt
Lee Randolph - Michael Attwell
Blair Daniels - Sheila Ballantine
Elaine - Di Botcher
Chromalume Performers - Barry Atkinson, Aneirin Huws,
Megan Kelly, Ellen van Schuylenburch
A Waitress - Buffy Davis
A Photographer - Simon Fielder
Guests - Stephen Hanley, Erika Vincent

Musical Numbers

Same as the Broadway Production

Lawrence Olivier Awards

  • Best New Musical
  • Best Actor in a Musical (Philip Quast)

1997 Arena Stage / Signature Theatre Production

Opened April 20, 1997 at Kreeger Theatre, Washington DC
Planned to close on June 15, 1997
Produced by Douglas C. Wager
Directed by Eric D. Schaeffer
Costumes by Patricia Zipprodt
Sound by Timothy Thompson
Settings by Zack Brown
Lighting by Allen Lee Hughes
Musical Director / Conductor - Jon Kalbfleisch


George - Sal Viviano
Dot - Liz Larsen
Old Lady / Blair Daniels - Dana Krueger
Nurse / Mrs. / Harriet Pawling - Donna Migliaccio
Franz / Dennis - Wallace Acton
Jules / Bob Greenberg - Robert DuSold
Yvonne / Naomi Eisen - SuEllen Estey
A Boatman / Charles Redmond - Lawrence Redmond
Celeste #1 / Elaine - April Harr Blandin
Celeste #2 / A Hostess - Sherri L. Edelen
Louise - Netousha N. Harris, Roxanne Orkin
Frieda / Betty - Carter Calvert
Louis / Billy Webster - Daniel Patrick Felton
A Soldier / Alex - Christopher Monteleone
Mr. / Lee Randolph - Andrew Ross Wynn

2002 Kennedy Center Production

Opened May 31, 2002 at the Eisenhower Theater, The Kennedy Center, Washington DC
Closed June 28, 2002 after a limited engagement of 16 performances
Produced for The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts by Max Woodward
[James A. Johnson, Chairman; Michael M. Kaiser, President;
Eric Schaeffer, Artistic Director; Kay Cameron, Music Supervisor]

Sunday in the Park With George [Kennedy Center Production]

Directed by Eric Schaeffer
Music Direction by Rob Berman
Scenic Design by Derek McLane
Costume Design by Anne Kennedy
Lighting Design by Howell Binkley
Sound Design by Tom Morse
Projection Design by Michael Clark
Orchestrations by Michael Starobin


Act One
George, an artist - Raúl Esparza
Dot, his mistress - Melissa Errico
An Old Lady - Linda Stephens
Her Nurse - Donna Migliaccio
Franz, a sevant - Jason Gilbert
A Boy bathing in the river - Annie Simon
A Man lying on the bank - Daniel Felton
Jules, another artist - Cris Groenendaal
Yvonne, his wife - Florence Lacey
A Boatman - Michael L. Forrest
Celeste #1 - Tracy Lynn Olivera
Celeste #2 - Sherri Edelen
Louise, the daughter of Jules and Yvonne - Annie Simon
Frieda, a cook - Amy McWilliams
Louis, a baker - Bob McDonald
A Soldier - Matthew Shepard
Horn Player - Daniel Felton
A Woman with baby carriage - Mary Jayne Raleigh
Mr. - Harry A. Winton
Mrs. - Donna Migliaccio

Act Two
George, an artist - Raúl Esparza
Marie, his grandmother - Melissa Errico
Dennis, a technician - Jason Gilbert
Bob Greenberg, the museum director - Cris Groenendaal
Naomi Eisen, a composer - Florence Lacey
Harriet Pawling, a patron of the arts - Donna Migliaccio
Billie Webster, her friend - Bob McDonald
A Photographer - Mary Jayne Raleigh
A Museum Assistant - Daniel Felton
Charles Redmond, a visiting curator - Michael L. Forrest
Alex, an artist - Matthew Shepard
Betty, an artist - Amy McWilliams
Lee Randolph, the museum's publicist - Harry A. Winter
Blair Daniels, an art critic - Linda Stephens
A Waitress - Tracy Lynn Olivers
Elaine - Sherri Edelen

Musical Numbers

Same as the Broadway Production

2002 Chicago Shakespeare Production

Opened October 12, 2002 at Upstairs at Chicago Shakespeare
Closed February 2, 2003
Produced by Chicago Shakespeare Theater
[Artistic Director: Barbara Gaines]
Directed by Gary Griffin
Scenic Designer: Brian Sidney Bembridge
Projections: John Boesche
Costume Designer: Mara Blumenfeld
Lighting Designer: Paul Miller
Music Director: Thomas Murray


George - Robert Petkoff
Dot / Marie - Andrea Burns
An Old Lady - Marilynn Bogetich
Nurse / Mrs. / Harriet - Cory Goodrich
Jules / Bob Greenberg - Joseph Anthony Fordonda
Yvonne / Naomi - Annabel Armour
Franz / Dennis - Derek Hasenstab
Frieda / Elaine - Ginifer King
Louise - Kelli Eileen LaValle
Soldier / Alex - Sean Allan Krill
Celeste #1 / Betty - Susan Allison Miller
Celeste #2 / Maid - Jodi Jean Amble
A Boatman / Charles Redmond - Christopher Garbrecht
Louis / Billy Webster - Jeff Dumas
Mr. / Lee Randolph - Timothy Jon

2004 Ravinia Festival Concerts

Three performances on September 3-4, 2004 at the Ravinia Festival Pavilion, Highland Park IL
Directed by Lonnie Price
Stage designed by James Noone
Projections designed by John Boesche
Lighting by Kevin Adams
Conducted by Paul Gemignani


George - Michael Cerveris
Dot / Marie - Audra McDonald
An Old Lady - Sharon Carlson
Her Nurse / Harriet - Lucia Spina
Franz - Gary Alexander
Jules - Richard Marlatt
Yvonne / Blair Daniels - Patti LuPone
A Boatman - Chris Garbrecht
Celeste #1 / Fantasy Dot - Johanna McKenzie Miller
Celeste #2 / Fantasy Dot - Karla L. Beard
Louise - Rae Gray
Freda - Roberta Duchak
Louis, A Baker - Stephen Wallem
A Soldier - Matt Pearson
Mr. - Joseph Bowen
Mrs. - Lucia Spiner
Stephen Colella (Ensemble Man) and Kelly Cronin (Ensemble Woman) with "Seurats": Joshua Johnston, Jacob Langfelder, Travis Turner, Dawen Wang, Michael Witwer and Chris Yonan

Musical Numbers

Same as the Broadway Production

2006 London Revival

Opened November 14, 2005 at the Menier Chocolate Factory Theatre, London
Closed March 17, 2006

Previews began May 13, 2006 at the Wyndham's Theatre, London
Opened May 23, 2006
Closed September 2, 2006
Produced by David Babani and Danielle Tarento
Directed by Sam Buntrock
Musical Director: Caroline Humphris
Set and Costume Design: David Farley
Projection Design: Timothy Bird
Musical Staging: Christopher Gattelli
Lighting: Natasha Chivers and Mike Roberts
Sound: Sebastian Frost and Gareth Owen
Orchestrator: Jason Carr
Projection Co-ordination: Malcolm Mellows


George - Daniel Evans
Dot / Marie - Anna Jane Casey [replaced by Jenna Russell for the Wyndham's run]
An Old Lady / Blair Daniels - Gay Soper
Her Nurse / Mrs. / Harriet Pawling - Joanne Redman
Franz / Lee Randolph - Steven Kynman
Jules / Bob Greenberg - Simon Green
Yvonne / Naomi Eisen - Liza Sadovy
Boatman / Dennis - Alasdair Harvey
Celeste #1 / Elaine - Sarah French Ellis
Celeste #2 / Silent Artist - Kaisa Hammarlund
Louise - Lauren Calpin/Natalie Paris
Freda / Berry - Anna Lowe
Louis / Billy Webster - Ian McLarnon
Soldier / Alex - Christopher Colley
Mr. / Charles Redmond - Mark McKerracher

Musical Numbers

Same as the Broadway Production


Sunday in the Park with George
The 2006 London Cast Recording
Recording Producer: Tommy Krasker
Recorded and mixed by Tom Lazarus
Executive Producers: Philip Chaffin & David Babani
Recorded March 6 & 7 at Angel Recording Studios, London
Assistant Engineer: Mat Bartram
Edited and mixed at Classic Sound, NYC
Edited by Bart Migal
Mastered by Joe Lambert, Trutone Mastering
Art Direction & Design: John Costa, New Orleans
Liner Notes by Matt Wolf
Synopsis and lyrics included

  • Double Compact Disc, 2006 [PS Classics PS-640]

Sunday in the Park With George

2008 Broadway Revival

Previews began January 25, 2008 at Studio 54 Theater, NYC
Opened February 21, 2008. Closed June 29, 20008
Ran for 32 previews and 149 performances
Produced by Roundabout Theatre Company [Artistic Director: Todd Haimes; Managing Director: Harold Wolpert; Executive Director: Julia C. Levy; Founding Director: Gene Feist]
Produced in association with Bob Boyett, Debra Black, Jam Theatricals, Stephanie McClelland, Stewart F. Lane, Bonnie Comley, Barbara Manocherian, Jennifer Manocherian, Ostar Productions, Caro Newling, Neal Street Productions and Mark Rubinstein
Originally Produced by The Menier Chocolate Factory [Artistic Director: David Babani]

Sunday in the Park With George [2008 Broadway Revival window card]

Directed by Sam Buntrock
Musical Staging by Christopher Gattelli
Assistant Director: Dave Solomon
Associate Director, UK: Tara Wilkinson
Musical Director: Caroline Humphris
Conductor: Thomas Murray
Set and Costume Design: David Farley
Projection Design: Timothy Bird and
The Knifedge Creative Network
Lighting Design by Ken Billington
Sound Design by Sebastian Frost
Hair and Wig Design by Tom Watson
Moving Light Programmer: David Arch
Make-Up Design by Angelina Avallone
Orchestrations by Jason Carr


George - Daniel Evans
Dot / Marie - Jenna Russell
An Old Lady / Blair Daniels - Mary Beth Pell
Her Nurse / Mrs. / Harriet Pawling - Anne L. Nathan
Franz / Lee Randolph - Lee Turner
Jules / Bob Greenberg - Michael Cumpsty
Yvonne / Naomi Eisen - Jessica Molaskey
Boatman / Dennis - Alexander Gemignani
Celeste #1 / Elaine - Brynn O'Malley
Celeste #2 / Silent Artist - Jessica Grové
Louise - Kelsey Fowler, Alison Horowitz
Freda / Berry - Stacie Morgain Lewis
Louis / Billy Webster - Drew McVety
Soldier / Alex - Santino Fontana
Mr. / Charles Redmond - Ed Dixon

Musical Numbers

Same as the Broadway Production

2013 Théâtre du Châtelet Production
Sunday in the Park With George [2013 Paris production poster]

Opened April 10, 2013 at Théâtre du Châtelet, Paris
Closed April 25, 2013 after 10 performances
Directed by Lee Blakeley
Set Design by William Dudley
Choreography by Lorena Randi
Costumes by Adrian Linford
Lighting by Oliver Fenwick
Animated images by Matthew O'Neill
New orchestrations by Michael Starobin
Musical Director - David Charles Abell conducting the
Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France and Choeur du Châtelet

Note: Performed in English with French surtitles


George / Georges - Julian Ovenden
Dot / Marie - Sophie-Louise Dann
Old Lady / Elaine - Rebecca de Pont Davies
Nurse / Harriet - Jessica Walker
Jules / Greenberg - Nickolas Grace
Soldier / Redmond - David Curry
Celeste 1 / Betty - Rebecca Bottone
Celeste 2 / Billy - Francesca Jackson
Yvonne / Blair - Beverley Klein
Boatman / Dennis - Nicholas Garrett
Franz / Randolph - Damian Thantrey
Louise - Elisabeth Baranes / Laura Gravier-Britten
Louis / Homme / Alex - Jonathan Gunthorpe
Frieda / Noémie - Christine Buffle
Mrs - Elisa Doughty
Mr - Scott Emerson

Recordings of Songs

  • New York: Dodd, Mead, 1986; 203 pp.
    • [0-396-08600-4] [hbk]
    • [0-396-08897-X] [limited edition; 250 copies signed by Sondheim and Lapine]
  • New York: Dodd, Mead [book club edition], 1986; 174 pp.
  • [included in Wordplays 5: An Anthology of New American Drama]
    New York: PAJ Publications, 1986
  • [included in Famous American Plays of the 1980s]
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  • London: National Theatre Books [185459057X] [pbk], 1990; 110 pp.
  • New York: Applause Theater Books, 1991; 218 pp.
    [introduction by Andre Bishop]
    • [1-55783-067-3] [hbk]
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  • New York: Applause Books [1557834075], 2000 [in Four by Sondheim with A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, A Little Night Music, and Sweeney Todd]

Sunday in the Park with George [book]
Score [complete]
  • New York: Revelation Music Publishing Corp. / Rilting Music, 1987; 246 pp. [prepared by Paul McKibbins]
  • Miami FL: Warner Bros. Publications VAL2019A [1-57623-853-9], March 1997; 258 pp. [edited by Sy Feldman] $75.00
Score [selections]
  • New York: Revelation Music Publishing Corp./ Rilting Music, 1984; 47 pp. [prepared by Paul McKibbins; includes "Sunday", "Finishing the Hat", "Beautiful", "Children and Art"; "Move On"]
  • Miami FL: Warner Bros. Publications VAL 2018A [1-57623-854-7], March 1997; 50 pp. [edited by Sy Feldman; includes "Sunday", "Finishing the Hat", "Beautiful", "Children and Art"; "Move On"] $12.95

Performance rights controlled by Music Theatre International

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